Our Military Specifications

MIL-P-77 -Cast Polyester OD Diallylpthialate Sheet and Rod

MIL-P-78A - Engraving Stock Rigid Laminated Sheets

MIL-P-79C -Thermoset Rod & Tube, Melamine and Phenolic Glass, Cotton, and Paper Reinforced

MIL-P-80 - Acrylic Sheet, Anti-Electrostatic Coated

MIL-I-631 -Electrical Insulation, Tubing, Film, Sheet and Tape, Vinyl, Polyethylene, and Polyester

MIL-I-742C - Fiberglass Thermal Insulation Board

MIL-P-997C - Thermoset Silicone Resin Sheets, Glass Reinforced

MIL-Y-1140E - Fiber Glass Yam, Cord Sleeving, Tape, and Cloth

MIL-P-3054A - Polyethylene Special Material

MIL-P-3088 - Non-Rigid Polyamide (Nylon) Resin

MIL-P-31158 -Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Paper Reinforced

MIL-P-3158C - Insulation Tape and Cord Glass, Resin Filled

MIL-I-3190B - Insulation Sleeving, Flexible, Treated

MIL-I-3825A - Insulation Tape, Electrical, Self-Fusing

MIL-P-4640A - Polyethylene Film for Balloon Use

MIL-P-54258 - Acrylic Sheet, Heat-Resistant

MIL-P-5431A - Phelonic, Graphite Filled Sheet, Rods, Tubes, and Shapes

MIL-P-62848 - Vinyl Copolymers, Unplasticized Unpigmented, and Unfilled

MlL-I-74448 - Insulation Sleeving, Flexible Electrical

MIL-I-7798A - Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive

MIL-P-8059A - Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheets and Tubes Asbestos Paper and Cloth Reinforced

MIL-P-8184 - Acrylic Plastic Sheet, Modified

MIL-P-8257 - Polyester Base, Cast Transparent Sheet, Thermosetting

MIL-P-8587A - Cellulose Acetate Sheet Colored, Transparent

MlL-P-8655A - Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Post-forming Cotton Reinforced

MIL-P-9969 - Polyurethane, Rigid, unicellular, Foam ln-Place for packaging

MIL-P-13436A - Filled Phenolic Sheet, Uncured

MIL-P-13491 - Polystyrene Rod and Tube

MIL-P-13949D - Copper-Clad, Laminated Plastic Sheets (Paper Base and Glass Base)

MIL-P-14591B - Plastic Film, Non-Rigid, Transparent

MIL-P-15035C - Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Cotton Reinforced

MIL-P-15037E - Thermoset Melamine Resin Sheet, Glass Reinforced

MIL-P-15047B - Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheet, Nylon Reinforced

MIL-P-15126F - Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive, and Thermoset Adhesive

MIL-P-16413 - Methyl Methacrylate Molding Materials

MIL-P-16414 - Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Molding Material

MIL-P-16416 - Cellulose Acetate Molding Material

MIL-P-17091B - Polyamide (Nylon) Resin Rods, Sheets, and Parts